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Essays in the IOBA Standard
Several pieces by Joe Perlman have appeared in the Journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA). Enjoy!
Books, Books Everywhere, But Not a Page to Read, or, a Book Dealer’s Travels in Spain (Fall 2006)
Profile of Joe Perlman (Fall 2006)
Essays from LIABDA Newsletters
Joe Perlman, owner of Mostly Useful Fictions, is secretary of the Long Island Book Dealers Association (LIABDA). In many issues of the LIABDA newsletter, he includes a short essay on book buying. LIABDA members were enjoying his essays so much that we decided to put them up on the web for all to read.
Spring 2005: Embracing the Unexpected

A Dollar A Dream

My Mother Was Right, or “You can’t make a living from Poetry”

One Skis, the Other Doesn’t or, Booking in Vermont

One Still Skis, the Other Still Doesn’t or, Vermont Redux

(back issues to come)
Confessions of a Novice Bookman
The following articles, about the start of Mostly Useful Fictions, originally appeared in BookNotes in 1998 and 1999.
Part One: What's in a Name?
Part Two: What to Buy? What to Keep? What to Sell?